How To Convert PDF To XML In 2022

PDF is a format of a document called “Portable Document Format“. A PDF file contains a variety of content besides flat text and graphics.

PDFs also contain logical structuring elements, interactive elements, layers, rich media, three-dimensional objects, and various other data formats. This file format is developed by Adobe in 1993 to present documents, including text formatting and images.

convert pdf to xml

The PDF specification also provides digital signature and metadata. In the starting PDF was popular in desktop publishing workflows. PDF’s last edition was published in December 2020.

“Extensible Markup Language” is shortly called XML. It is a markup language. XML is a set of rules for encoding documents in a format. That document format can be both human-readable and machine-readable.

XML is a textual data format for different human languages. It is widely used in web applications and word processors. It’s mainly used to define document structures. Users can set their tags by XML’s root structure. This format’s files may carry comments, entity references, and attributes.

Developers receive data as PDF, which is not machine-readable. By converting PDF to XML they can get the structure & hierarchy to an otherwise “flat” document. So that data will define with tags to facilitate convenient processing by computers.

How to convert PDF to XML

You can convert your PDF to XML so easily by following some steps. Let’s talk about that;
You can manually copy the PDF data and edit it to fit the XML syntax. But you had to face some issues to convert your PDF in this way. Luckily there are so many online converters such as “PDFTables”, “FreeFileConvert” & “AConvert“. Some of the converters are paid and some are free. Those free converters are also safe cause every free converter also deletes your converted file in 24 hours.

To make your PDF’s data machine readable convert your file to Extensible Markup Language in 3 steps:

Step.1: Firstly choose your converter, select your file, and upload. You can select your file from your Google Drive or from your Dropbox or your computer.

Step.2: After that select that format you want to convert from that converters tool button. Different converters have their own rules about the size or number of PDF

Step.3: Wait for the uploading process and then click on the export or convert button. After exporting you can download your converted XML file.

Quickly you can convert your files by online converters. Those are safe and you don’t need to register or sign in or use email to convert. This process doesn’t take a lot of time, just in a short time, you will get your converted XML file. You can also convert your file on Mac OS or Linux.

You can easily convert your PDF file to an XML file by the above steps. Converters make you’re work-life easy and fast.

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